Interested in who is involved in the local club?  Learn about membership and our members below.  

Soroptimist is an international volunteer organization for women who work to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. 

We want community members to join our organization. We ask members to be involved:  attend meetings, participate in our fundraisers, and serve on a club committee — and enjoy making lasting friendships.  

A member’s annual national dues are $119 per fiscal year, July 1 to June 30.  Current monthly local dues are $10 a month.   While these dues are modest compared to other service clubs, we know that some women might struggle with them.  Scholarships are available.  Please contact us!   

To learn about our club or to attend a meeting, please feel free to contact any club member. You can complete the Contact Us form here.  Or you can call 707-884-4343.  After you attend a couple of meetings, you can decide whether to join the club.  It may be that this is a great time for you, or you might prefer to wait.  Talk with us! 

Board and Committee Leaders

The Members

We love all our members, and the list changes as more people join and others move away.  Some have been members since the club’s founding, while others have joined in just the past year or two.  

Members do lots of things.  

Some are actively involved in direct SI-MSC activities, like Project Santa and the Architectural Tour and Wine Tasting event.  

Some have jobs where they get to focus on serving women and girls directly.  Our membership includes active and retired real estate agents and brokers, accounting professionals, artists in several media, translators, clergy, teachers, sales agents, florists, hoteliers, and more.  

Bettega, Patricia

Bradbrook, Linda

Bussard, Christine

Cayting, Jeanette

Decker, Mary

Dreyer, Penny

Fossé, Azealia

Hartstock, Bob

Kirby, Sherry

Kukulinsky, Janet

Larson, Sue

Mobert, Mary

Nelson, Stacie

Pollard, Sue

Reno, Linda

Robbins, Valerie

Root, Virginia

Ross, Trish

Scott, Karen

Stalnaker, Jean

Stillman, Kendra

Wristen, Ada


SI-MSC honors a member every other year who contributes significantly to the work of SI-MSC.  For this honor, SI-MSC donates $1,000 in that member’s name to the Fellowship program.  That member then receives a certificate, pin, and the secure knowledge that women who are finishing their doctoral studies will get help.  

Linda Bradbrook, left, is the District IV Representative to the Region’s Fellowship program.  She is awarding the 2017 bi-annual Fellowship Award to Trish Ross, right, who is a member of SI-MSC and is the Education Director of Midwives on Missions of Service.  Photo by Chris McManus. 

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