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What is a Soroptimist (and how do you even say that)??

Soroptimist means “best for women.”

Soroptimists are women at their best
helping other women to be their best.

Join us to make a difference locally and globally.  
It will make a difference to you, too!

Soroptimist is pronounced soar-optimist!  

Soroptimist International of Mendocino-Sonoma Coast, Inc. is a mouthful so we use SI-MSC, even though that is not easily pronounceable.  Our club is on the coast of Northern California, serving a region that stretches from Jenner in Sonoma County up to Elk in Mendocino County.  (This area is often called “Mendonoma.”)  Several sister club areas adjoin our borders to the north, south, and inland.  

SI-MSC is part of the largest international service organization for women, working to improve the lives of women and girls both locally and around the world.  Soroptimists, about 95,000 of us, live in 120 countries and territories!  Soroptimists join their local club which works in the community to make a difference for the women and girls there.  The club is part of a greater whole and this gives us the ability to extend our reach as women united to solve problems.  

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